headshotI am a tax “nerd.” I do more research than is required by the IRS because I truly love learning all the complexities of tax law so I can help my clients.  And trust me tax law is complex. In 2015 alone there were several changes, adjustments, closed loopholes and new laws.  Not only do I stay current on recent changes but if you come to me with your previous year’s taxes, I can research the tax laws that were in effect at that time and make sure that you paid your fair share and nothing more. That’s not just my job, it’s my pleasure.

I have more than 30 years in practice representing my clients to the IRS and to state tax agencies — from simple returns to complicated audits.  My practice assists my own clients as well as the clients of C.P.A., Enrolled Agents and law firms.  Although their clients may not be my clients, I will still represent them to the IRS because I choose to use my nerd powers for good.

Have a question? Need advice? Getting audited? Contact me today.  I can help make your tax situation clearer.