“Jeff Warren, EA has been our tax preparer for over 20 years. His attention to detail and knowledge of tax laws never ceases to amaze us. We will be with Mr. Warren until he retires. Thank you, Jeff!”

~ John and Sherry Isted

“Jeff finds ways to reduce tax payments whenever possible. He’s personable and knowledgeable and provides excellent service.”

“I am glad that I have worked with you for the last 20+ years. When I was very sick you went out of your way to work with my wife and daughter to make sure our business taxes were taken care of. Thank you for your availability, openness and accountability.”

“Basically I am worry free!  Jeff’s work is concise, accurate and organized. Not having to worry about our taxes is a huge relief!”

~ L. Wilhelmi

“Jeff’s diligence is amazing! When we were selling our condo, he showed us that our accountant had filed them incorrectly. Jeff reviewed our tax history and advised us what our liability might be after we sold.  It was great making fully informed decisions that protected our interests. That’s why he’s our tax preparer now.”

~ A. Mitchell

“I worked with Jeff when we were both directors on a Homeowner’s association board before I began working with him on my taxes.  He impressed me with his tax knowledge, attitude and personality.  After watching him deal with, explain and cover the association’s financials, I knew he was the guy for my tax issues.”

~ A.Owen and L. Whitney


“I wanted to thank you for all the help you gave my wife and I in resolving our tax debt. We received the release of tax liens in the mail yesterday and previously a letter indicating we have completed our OIC agreement.  This was something that was hanging over our head for years and we had faith and hope in two other tax consultants who made promises that they never fulfilled or blatantly took our money and did nothing. We were beginning to give up hope that there was anyone honest out there who would really provide us relief.”

“Thank you Jeff for accomplishing something for us that we thought would hang over our heads indefinitely. My wife and I now feel we can move on with our lives and accomplish the things we have always wanted.”

“Looking forward to our continued relationship.”

~Roy A.